2 thoughts on “Self-deprecating, aren’t we?

  1. Ah, the blues–I love them! Nobody in my immediate family enjoys the blues, but I. My mom doesn’t listen to them, because they are generally sad–she feels one should only listen to uplifting music. And her feelings about them are understandable. It would seem that listening to the blues would make you feel bad, or worse than you already feel. But that’s the real irony of the blues–they make most of us feel better! I think the reason is obvious: When we hear words that are sad, we feel better because we don’t feel alone in our sadness–we realize others have the “blues” too, and this is comforting. Listening to the blues also is a way of getting one’s unhappy feelings out–getting them out, and over with! It’s a way of moving on!

    1. It’s funny, but not surprising, how universal the blues as genre has become. There is an Argentinean singer-songwriter by the name of Andrés Calamaro, who was some incredible blues in his catalog. I agree with you that there is cathartic, positive aspect to the blues. ‘Hallelujah’ (referenced by the Fallout Boy song I quoted), the Jeff Buckley version, is an example of the lyrical and melodic prowess of the blues, you can hear pain, redemption, love and hope in that single track. May your Easter be filled with blues, my friend.

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