Fellow blogger, writer and all around fabulous Romi Moondi makes a flowery point about what role the elderly, and their craving for flowery essences, play in modern society.

Grateful Moment #7: Disgusting Flowery Perfume! Join me for a personal shout-out, to the inventors of disgusting flowered essence. To be honest, I abhor the smell of flowered perfume, but to the grannies of our time who chase the scent like it’s a club-pack size of Depends on sale for $9.99, flowery perfume is a gift! If flowery perfume had ne … Read More

via Romi


2 thoughts on “Grateful Moment #7: Disgusting Flowery Perfume! (via Romi)

    1. You got it, Romi. I’ve recently started doing volunteer work (not college related, just for the sake of it) and I agree with the neglect that the elderly experience. It’s bittersweet to hear them out, strangers living lost in time, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

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