I so wish this was a joke. In case you missed the headlines a couple of weeks ago, “the United States government apologized for experiments conducted in Guatemala in the 1940s… U.S. scientists infected prostitutes with syphilis or gonorrhea, who were then told to have unprotected sex with prison inmates and soldiers, later testing them in order to find possible cures”. “According to the U.S. government, about 1500 Guatemalans were infected with the sexually transmitted diseases from 1946 to 1948. None of those studied were given information about what was taking place or gave their consent for the experiment. During the study, when few test subjects became infected with the STDs, scientists used mental patients as test subjects, rubbing the infection on their genitals”.

I know: a collective or political “my bad” just doesn’t seem to cover it…

2 thoughts on “Well done, America, you gave us syphillis

  1. That is SO beyond a “my bad”…the U.S. doesn’t do much to endear itself now does it?

    PS: omg, I can’t believe my blogroll wasn’t updated for your new site…sorry!!!

    1. The US and Guatemala have a really horrendous background, but the syphillis was quite the cherry on a craptacular sundae, for sure!

      No worries, my lovely, Romi pal, though I appreciate the update on your blogroll. Hugs!

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